Monday, March 11, 2013

Free Brent Extruder

Free Standard Brent Extruder..wall mount..with 12 piece die was given to me...I'll pass it on

Also have some bats12" and 14"...maybe 6
and 15 square bats...make an offer

Chemicals for Sale

Chemicals for sale..

25# Silica
50# Dolomite
50# Limestone
1# Yellow Iron Oxide
5# Pioneer Talc
10# Custer Spar
1# Titanium Dioxide
5# Kona Spar
5# Frit 3195
5# RIO
5# Whiting
5# OM4 Ball Clay
5# Frit 3110
5# Neph Sy
For Sale:

If you are familiar with my work you know it was very labor none of this equipment has had heavy usage.

Skutt 1231 computer board in 2011..must hardwire..for Cone 10 but only fired to Cone 6

North Star Slab roller  24"

Brent Potters Wheel  CXC  with leg extension kit

Ohaus Triple Beam Balance

Giffin Grip with newer blue pads


Books for Sale:

The Complete Potter: Throwing
The Potters Dictionary
The Teapot Book
Ceramic Shapes and Surface
The Potter's Manual
Wheel-thrown Ceramics
A Potter's Workbook
What Every Potter Should Know
The Potter's Primer
Functional Pottery
The Craft and Art of Clay
Penland Book of Ceramics
The Ceramic Surface
Handbuilt Tableware
Glazes I Use
Ash Glazes
The Potter's Book of Glazes
China Paint and Overglaze
Glazes and Glaze Techniques
The Ceramic Spectrum
Ceramic Glaze Handbook
Complete Guide to High-Fire Glazes
Contemporary Porcelain
Extruded Ceramics
Ceramics and Print
Resist and Masking Techniques
Lettering on Ceramics
Paper Clay

Monday, March 1, 2010